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Advance Ac Repair Service & Company provides Consultancy, Design, Supply, Installation, Maintenance and Services on reputable HVAC, Plumbing & Electrical systems;

The bulk of our work is inThousand Oaks we have also consulted internationally for projects in Dubai, Frankfurt and Moscow. 

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What our customers say

We are a specialist team of Diagnostic Trouble Shooters, Service and Installation Engineers who have experience working with many well known names;

Some Testimonials:

''The AIr Conditioning Company have delivered consitently on schedule, beyond expectations and on budget''

James D (Facilities Manager - M&E Contractor Renewable Sector)

''How you manage to put up with a client with such extraordinary demands is admirable! Well done lads''

Patrick O (Contracts Director - M&E Contractor Renewable Sector)

''I have always felt comfortable to leavThe AIr Conditioning Company to manage a contract from start to finish knowing that I will not lose any sleep over it''

Sam (Project Manager - M&E Contractor)

Thank you for your competitive quotation and superb workmanship. I am really pleased and I have recommended you to all of my neighbours!''

Mrs Borisovna (Residential SW1)

We were impressed with your communication, technical knowledge and quality of finish in our newly purchased home''

Mr Hayes (Residential, W8)